MS Special Education

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Apply understandings of Learner Development, Learning Differences, and Knowledge of Students.
  2. Create and maintain classroom routines and environments that promote learning, inclusivity, respect, and health/safety.
  3. Demonstrate and apply curricular content knowledge to design and organize effective learning experiences.
  4. Select and implement scientifically validated instructional approaches to meet individual learning needs.
  5. Collect and analyze assessment data from multiple measures to make data-based decisions about student learning needs, service eligibility, and instructional modifications.
  6. Demonstrate professionalism, ethics, legality, collaboration, and continuous growth and reflection.
  7. Engage in educational research and inquiry to remain informed of best practices, current research, legislation and debate.
EDUC 532Advanced Field Experiences in Education2
EDUC 546Reading and Language Arts Instruction in Special Education5
EDUC 550Assessment Strategies for Special Education5
EDUC 552Support and Transition Strategies in Special Education5
EDUC 554Behavior Disorders and Positive Behavior Support Strategies5
EDUC 586Introduction to Inquiry in Education4
EDUC 589Educational Research Methods4
SPED 545Mathematics Methods for Students with Disabilities4
SPED 547Science and Social Studies Methods for Students with Disabilities4
SPED 587Instructional Methods for Learners with Autism4
SPED 588Developing Compliant Individualized Education Plans4
Total units46