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Building (52) Room, D-28

Our Vision and Mission

We envision a student-centered and compassionate campus community where the path to graduation for all Cal Poly students is free of institutional barriers, guided by equitable policies, and bolstered by proactive advising.

Our mission is to put students and equity first in Cal Poly’s efforts to increase persistence and graduation rates.  The University Advising-Retention team prioritizes proactive advising strategies, provides timely and supportive outreach to students, and serves as a guide for navigating campus systems. We amplify student voices, leverage data, and nurture campus relationships in our efforts to remove institutional barriers and cultivate a culture of care.

Provide guidance for those needing time off from Cal Poly

Retention specialists assist undergraduate students in navigating Informal Time Off, Leave of Absence and University Departure. This includes help preventing unexpected financial and academic costs related to time off, making individual referrals to supportive campus professionals and providing support to ensure a smooth reentry following time off.

Strengthen academic support systems

In partnership with campus academic advising centers, University Advising-Retention applies insight gathered from data and student voices to inform advising priorities. The retention staff develops systems to reach students at pivotal points in their academic journeys (e.g., while students are on leave, quarterly registration periods, just before graduation) to provide an additional level of advising support when action is time-sensitive.

Address barriers to academic progress and graduation

Retention partners with campus colleagues to implement more student-centric policies and practices. This includes increasing accessibility to and simplifying processes for taking time off, ensuring student change of major inquiries receive timely responses from academic departments and that requirements meet university guidelines, and improving access to necessary student support resources.