Leadership and Service

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Center for Leadership

The Center for Leadership fosters socially responsible leadership development through high-impact practices, programs and events that are innovative, inclusive and educational. Its events and services combine theories of leadership with action-based approaches that aim to help students serve their communities and society as a whole. Students are encouraged in their leadership skill development, leadership competency, assumption of leadership and service roles, and the continuation of service to one’s community after graduation.

Center for Service in Action

The Center for Service in Action connects students with meaningful community service opportunities that complement their educational experience, strengthen their understanding of diversity and social responsibility, and develop skills to become ethical and knowledgeable leaders who contribute to a global society. The center cultivates reciprocal service and learning partnerships between the university and community partners. It also serves community-based organizations and governmental institutions seeking university support to address unmet community needs.

Clubs and Organizations

In partnership with Associated Students, Inc., Clubs and Organizations administers student services that provide intellectual growth, effective communication, realistic self-appraisal, enhanced self-esteem, clarified values, career choices and leadership development. Club involvement identifies and promotes healthy behaviors, meaningful interpersonal relationships, independence, collaboration, social responsibility, satisfying and productive lifestyles, and appreciation for diversity, spiritual awareness, and achievement of personal and educational goals.

Club Sports

The Club Sports program provides a form of athletic and educational activity, which is an integral part of collegiate life. It provides a common theme for a diversified student body, faculty, staff, and alumni to operate as partners both inside and outside the community. The program promotes positive values of physical activity, learned skills, team development, and sportsmanship acquired through participation in competitions and organized activities.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

The Fraternity and Sorority Life office fosters the learning and development of students who affiliate with the social fraternities and sororities, and provides opportunities and support for our community to be a relevant and contributing part of fulfilling the mission of both the Office of the Dean of Students and Cal Poly. The office supports Greek members to become ethical leaders and to fulfill the mission of their organizations. It also works to resolve sensitive issues relating to Greek students; recommend training programs for leaders and advisers; assist in prevention and resolution of conflicts between organizations, the campus and community; and serve as the campus representative to national Greek organizations.