Concurrent CE-MS/MCRP with Specialization in Transportation Planning

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Specialization in Transportation Planning Concurrent CE-MS/MCRP

The Concurrent CE-MS/MCRP with Specialization in Transportation Planning is a joint interdisciplinary program between the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department in the College of Engineering and the City and Regional Planning Department in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. Participation in the program requires enrollment in both Colleges. Participants successfully completing the program are awarded both the Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CE-MS) and the Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP) with a Specialization in Transportation Planning.

Program Learning Objectives

After successfully completing the Concurrent CE-MS/MCRP with Specialization in Transportation Planning program, students will be able to:

Foundational skills

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the historical, theoretical, legal, and methodological foundations of planning and engineering
  2. Effectively represent and communicate technical and policy information


  1. Gather, organize, analyze and present planning and engineering information
  2. Transform data and information into knowledge for action
  3. Critically assess and apply scientific research

Integrative skills

  1. Integrate and apply the necessary skills and knowledge to address complex planning and engineering problems
  2. Develop and manage a design and planning process
  3. Work with a variety of audiences: multiple publics, officials, and decision-makers

Professional skills

  1. Reflect upon, critique, and evolve the practice of planning and engineering
  2. Address issues of sustainability, diversity, and environmental and social justice
  3. Practice in accordance with the AICP Code of Ethics and the NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers
  4. Apply best practices and develop novel approaches to solving transportation planning and engineering problems

Degree Requirements and Curriculum

Total for Concurrent Degree: 90 units minimum

Total CRP units: 52
Total CE units: 30

(not including thesis/project)

Double Counting of Units

This concurrent degree will allow for 27 units to be double-counted for students earning both
CE-MS + MCRP (90 units total for both degrees) as a concurrent program.

Required Courses
First Year Core
CRP 501Foundations of Cities and Planning4
CRP 504Sustainable Communities4
CRP 510Planning Theory4
CRP 513Planning Research and Analysis4
CRP 516Demographic and Analytic Tools4
CRP 525Plan Implementation4
CRP 553Project Planning and Design Studio4
Second Year
CRP 518Policy Development4
CRP 530Planning Agency Management4
CRP 535Land Use and Planning Law4
CRP 552Community and Regional Planning Studio I4
CRP 554Community and Regional Planning Studio II4
Select one of the following options:4-9
Community and Regional Planning Studio III (4)
Professional Project (2, 2, 2)
Thesis (2, 2, 2)
Design Project (Thesis) (6-9)
Specialization: Transportation Planning & Engineering
CE 523Transportation Systems Planning4
or CE 421 Traffic Engineering
CE 527Sustainable Mobility4
CRP 435Transportation Theory4
Concurrent CE-MS
CE 422Highway Geometrics and Design4
CE 526Transportation Safety4
CE 591Graduate Seminar I1
CE 592Graduate Seminar II1
Select from the following (no double counting):12-16
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Public Transportation
Highway Pavement Designs
Airport Planning and Design
Transportation Economics and Analysis
Modeling and Simulation in Transportation
Selected Advanced Topics
Air Pollution Control
Total units90