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University Housing provides an inclusive living experience for more than 8,000 Cal Poly students. Engaging programs, led by professional staff and peer leaders in diverse Residential Learning Communities, provide a foundational experience that supports Learn by Doing, encourages excellence, and promotes student success.

Because students who live on campus have greater success in college, Cal Poly requires all first-year students to live on campus.* A second year housing requirement is currently being phased in; please see our website for more information. All campus residents have access to academic, social, wellness and awareness events and enjoy opportunities to build life-long friendships.

*First-year students who do not intend to live on campus may request an exemption. Exemptions from the residential requirement are considered based upon the first-year On-Campus Living Exemption Policy.

Residential Learning Communities (RLC)
Every resident is part of a Residential Learning Community. RLCs are intentionally designed to respond to the specific academic and social needs of resident students. Students benefit from established learning outcomes and initiatives that support and expand upon their academic experience. Different RLCs are offered to meet the unique needs of first-year, transfer and continuing students. Students can choose RLCs based on their academic college, co-curricular interests, culture and identity or gender-inclusive preferences. View the complete list of RLCs here.

Residential Student Experience Staff
RLC programs and activities are administered by Coordinators of Student Development (CSDs)—full-time, live-in professionals who assist residents with getting involved on campus, general referrals, upholding community standards and building a community environment where students live. The CSDs also oversee the Resident Advisors (RAs). Resident Advisors (RAs) are the face and voice of University Housing for students living on campus.

RAs live with and develop positive relationships with every resident in their community. RAs role model the Mustang Way, promote a safe and comfortable living environment, develop community among their residents and staff, and are committed to every student’s personal and academic success.

Student Leadership
Student representatives are elected in fall term to serve on community councils (governing boards) in each of the halls and apartments. Participants contribute to their hall’s community by planning social, recreational, and educational events, and voicing student-related concerns. The Inter Housing Council is the umbrella student government organization for all the Community Councils. 

Residential Technology
Residents have access to technology amenities that support student success in the residential communities. All campus rooms have 24/7 access to the Cal Poly Network and wireless Internet services, including support for academic success and personal connectivity, with a focus on delivering the latest network standards. Additional services include common room media centers, digital signage, TV/streaming media services, and access to a comprehensive Housing Portal to manage your residential service offerings. A current listing of technology services available to residents, including FAQs, can be found here

Securing Campus Housing
New students
Only students who accept Cal Poly’s offer of admission are able to apply for campus housing. To secure a space for first-year or transfer student housing, students must: 1) accept the offer of admission from Cal Poly; and, 2) complete the online housing application, electronically sign the license agreement, and make the initial payment.

Continuing students
To secure a space for continuing student housing, students must complete the online housing application, electronically sign the license agreement, and make the initial payment.

University Housing offers double, triple and quad rooms in our residence halls. Campus apartments feature single and double shared rooms in 4-, 5-, and 6-person apartments. Housing preferences are granted via a lottery system. For complete application information, visit the University Housing website.

The initial payment, required to secure housing, is the first step in the payment process. A non-refundable initial payment may be required for continuing and transfer student applications. The balance of fees for the academic year may be paid via one-time payment, monthly or quarterly payment plan or by quarterly financial aid disbursements. Automatic housing grants are provided to cover a portion of campus housing fees for students with the greatest financial need. View the current housing fees here:

First-year fees
Transfer/grad fees
Continuing student fees

Off-Campus Housing Resources

University Housing offers off-campus resources for students interested in living in the community including an Educated Renters’ Certificate Program to help student renters live successfully in the local community