Pre-Health Career Advising

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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics Student Services
Bldg. 53, Room 211
Phone: 805.756.2615

Cal Poly State University offers excellent advising and resources for all university students and alumni who are interested in preparing for a career within a health professions field. The Bailey College of Science and Mathematics Student Services is dedicated to mentoring students throughout their college career, helping them to prepare for post-baccalaureate studies in the health professions. Due to the competitive nature of these programs, it is strongly recommended that students plan to seek advice early in their college career to gain an understanding of the components needed to build a competitive applicant profile. 

Pre-Health Career Advising

Pre-health career advising is designed to help students explore the health professions as a possible career and enhance a student’s competitiveness for admission into a graduate and/or post-baccalaureate program in the health professions.  Students should meet with a Pre-Health peer advisor to learn about health career options, required coursework, gaining experience in health care, and other aspects of becoming a competitive candidate.  Professional staff provide specific, detailed application advising for students in their application year including personal statement development, interview preparation and more, all targeted at developing the most competitive, well rounded applicants.

Pre-Health Related Courses

Cal Poly offers health-related courses to assist students who are interested in exploring a health professions career. Please see course descriptions below. 

SCM 101 Introduction to Health Profession Careers

SCM 301 Professional School Preparation for Health Profession Careers

SCM 363 Public Health Fieldwork

BIO 253 Health Professions Shadowing

BIO 301 Service Learning in the Health Professions