The Center for Bystander Intervention and Cal Poly (WITH US)

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Administration Building (01) Room 206

WITH US: The Center for Bystander Intervention at Cal Poly is a national research center aiming to create safe campus communities where all students can thrive. The mission is to empower peer-led movements of proactive bystander intervention. The Center is dedicated to the study of college student bystander behavior and expanding the application of bystander intervention theory and research to prevent harm and lives lost in situations where bystander intervention could have been a mitigating factor.

Specific focus areas of prevention and harm reduction include: (1) sexual assault, sexual harassment, and intimate partner violence, (2) bias, exclusion, and discrimination (3) hazing, (4) unhealthy alcohol and other drug misuse, and (5) mental health concerns.

WITH US is led by a team of expert social psychology and public health faculty researchers, multidisciplinary prevention practitioners, and experienced higher education administrators. Our work is dedicated to combating bystander apathy and empowering communities of proactive bystanders (Upstanders) to improve the health, safety, and success of college students.

The organization is centered on four commitments:

  • Research: committed to conducting and supporting quality research on college student bystander intervention behavior, attitudes, motivators and barriers to helping.
  • Resources: committed to developing and curating evidence-based resources to support students and educators in their campus prevention and health promotion efforts.
  • Outreach: committed to fostering national movements of bystander intervention alongside the National Network for Peer Accountability, a national prevention coalition.
  • Education: committed to providing research-based education programs and awareness campaigns that cultivate communities of skilled prosocial bystanders