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Student Health Center (Bldg. 27)

Campus Health and Wellbeing supports student success through quality, holistic care and the promotion of lasting wellness. A variety of services are offered for students, including primary medical care and walk-in medical services, laboratory testing, onsite X-rays, prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, mental health crisis intervention, individual, couples and group mental health counseling, mental health trainings/workshops, health education programs, and wellbeing services. Campus Health and Wellbeing assists students by minimizing class time lost due to illness, injury, or personal concerns. The Health Services Fee covers most of these services. An After-Hours Nurse Advice Line and a Psychological Crisis Line are available at no cost when the Student Health Center is closed. Students may reach the After-Hours Nurse Advice Line by calling the regular Health Center’s phone number (805.756.1211). The Psychological Crisis Line may be accessed by calling the regular Counseling Services phone number (805.756.2511).

Health Services: Phone: 805.756.1211 (24/7 Advice Nurse Line)
Counseling Services Phone: 805.756.2511 (24/7 Psychological Crisis Line)
Wellbeing Services Phone: 805.756.6181
Safer (Sexual Assault Advocacy): 805.756.2282

Health Services offers primary medical care, walk-in medical services, symptomatic COVID-19 testing, nursing services, sexual health care, gender-affirming care, and routine laboratory testing and X-ray procedures. Services are provided year-round, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Wednesdays, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) All of these services are included in the Health Services Fee.

Low-cost additional medical services include prescription medication, over-the-counter items, outside laboratory tests, immunizations, orthopedic supplies, and specialized services as available.

Wellbeing Services offers evidenced-based prevention education and programming to support the holistic well-being of students. Led by a team of professional staff, the wellbeing team trains students to be certified peer health educators in the PULSE Program (Peers Understanding Listening Supporting Educating) and offers professional services, including advocacy and recovery support to provide a safe and inclusive community for students.

  • Safer advocacy provides individual crisis advocacy for students experiencing sexual violence, dating violence, intimate partner violence and stalking. Services are provided by state-certified advocates.
  • Individual Health Education consultations can be scheduled with a Health Educator or certified peer health educator to discuss various health topics, resources and strategies to manage stress, alcohol and drug use, physical health and emotional health.
  • Recovery support programming is available for students with a history of addiction. Students can join the Mustangs for Recovery program to build their community of support. Allies are welcome!
  • Prevention, Education & Outreach programming, including workshops, wellness fairs and alternative programs, are a great way for students to learn healthy habits and build their community.
  • The Cal Poly Food Pantry is a no-cost service and is a part of the Hunger Program. It is available to students in need of healthy, nutritious food.
  • The Massage Chair is available for students to schedule 30-minute massages.

All of these services are included in the Health Services Fee.

Counseling Services promotes the development of holistic emotional health. As mental health professionals, the department serves the campus community through advocacy and the provision of confidential, accessible services. Counseling Services helps students develop and maintain the skills integral to mental health through hands-on workshops; individual, couples and group therapy; crisis intervention; consultations with parents, faculty, and staff; and, mental health trainings. All of these services are included in the Health Services Fee. For more details, visit Counseling Services.