MA Curriculum and Instruction

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Action Research: Design and implement an action research project on a key issue in curriculum and instruction in an effort to bring change to their teaching practice and promote meaningful outcomes for students.
  2. Advanced Practices & Content Knowledge: Understand and apply perspectives, principles, and practices for designing integrated curriculum and implementing advanced instructional strategies to foster conceptual development and disciplinary ways of knowing in diverse classrooms.
  3. Multiple Literacies: Understand and analyze different language and literacy theories that promote multimodal instruction and apply theories through design and critique of appropriate evidence-based instructional practices and activities for students that are most appropriate for integrated instructional situations in diverse classrooms.
  4. Social Justice Teaching: Understand and apply social justice theories, pedagogies, and strategies to provide an equitable education for a diverse student body by integrating principles of critical pedagogy and culturally responsive teaching in and out of the classroom.
  5. Change Agent: Reflect critically on educational research and practice to identify ways to shape change through advancing pedagogical practices and principles of social justice at the school, community, and societal level.
Required Courses
EDUC 502Advancing Pedagogical Practices with Technology4
EDUC 522Advanced Classroom Pedagogy4
EDUC 523Integrative Approaches to Curriculum4
EDUC 531Social Justice in Education: In & Out of the Classroom4
EDUC 532Advanced Field Experiences in Education2
EDUC 586Introduction to Inquiry in Education4
EDUC 588Education, Culture, and Learning4
EDUC 589Educational Research Methods4
EDUC 598Action Research Project in Education3
Approved Electives
Select from the following: 112
Organizing and Teaching Science
Access to Learning in a Pluralistic Society
Curriculum and Inquiry in Public Schools
Literacy, Language, and Culture in Content Area Classrooms
Learning to Teach K-8 Literacy in Schools with Diverse Populations
Learning to Teach K-8 Mathematics with Diverse Populations
Educating Individuals with Exceptional Needs
Multiple Subject Clinical Practice Seminar III
Literacy Across the Curriculum
Advanced Classroom Pedagogy in English Language Arts
Advanced Classroom Pedagogy in Mathematics Education
Educational Foundations and Current Issues
Teaching English in Secondary Schools
Organizing and Teaching History
Organizing and Teaching Mathematics
Total units45