Dance Minor

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Students will demonstrate an integrated understanding of dance training principles and competency in a variety of dance techniques that support performance. 
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to apply fundamental principles of dance composition to their own creative process. They will recognize various choreographic processes, aesthetic properties of style, and the relationship between form and content.
  3. Students will develop a fundamental knowledge of body mechanics, anatomy, kinesiology, and somatic practices applicable to work in dance, physical activity and health.
  4. Students will recognize crucial historical developments, significant artistic works and philosophical constructs within dance history.
  5. Students will communicate ideas effectively through oral, written, choreographic and performance skills, including technologically mediated work.
  6. Students will demonstrate critical thinking and creative problem solving skills in theoretical and practical applications.
  7. Students will understand cultural, gender, age, and aesthetic diversity through the study of dance.
Required Courses
DANC 221Dance Appreciation4
DANC 231Intermediate Ballet2
DANC 232Intermediate Modern Dance2
DANC 233Intermediate Jazz Dance2
DANC 340Dance Composition4
DANC 341Dance Concert Practicum 12
Select from the following (at least 6 units must be 300-400 level):8
Lower-Division Electives
Pilates and Conditioning Fundamentals
Beginning Ballet
Beginning Modern Dance
Beginning Jazz Dance
Beginning Ballroom Dance
International Folk Dance
Active Wellness
Intermediate Ballroom Dance
Body Awareness and Expression
Acting I
Acting II
Upper-Division Electives
Advanced Ballet and Repertory
Cultural Influence on Dance in America
Contemporary Dance Repertory
Choreography/Workshop in Dance Concert Preparation
Dance Production
Dance Teaching Methods for Dance Minors
Special Problems
Advanced Selected Techniques
Selected Advanced Topics
Selected Advanced Laboratory
Physical Theatre
Total units24