Visual Media and Cultural Studies Concentration

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Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre
Select from the following:4
History of Photography
Art History - Art Since 1945
Asian Art Topics: National, Religious, and Intellectual Movements
Intersectional Feminist Art Histories
Cultural Influence on Dance in America
New Media Arts I
New Media Arts II
Music and Society
America's Music
Women in Music
Topics in Diversity on the American Stage
Global Theatre and Performance
Select from the following:4
Women Writers of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
Ethnic American Literature
African American Literature
Asian American Literature
Gender in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature
Diversity in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature
LGBT Literature and Media
French Literature in English Translation
German Literature in English Translation
Hispanic Literature in English Translation
Chicano/Latino Writers in the United States
Advanced Literature in Spanish
Popular Culture
Select from the following:4
Critical Cultural Studies and Communication
Media Effects
Media Criticism
World Cinema
Film Styles and Genres
Film Directors
Topics on Gender Representations in Film
Hip-Hop, Poetics and Politics
Beyoncé: Race, Feminism and Politics
African Americans in Popular Culture
Native Americans in Popular Culture
Asian Americans in Popular Culture
Latina/os in Popular Culture
Cultural Production and Ethnicity
Topics and Issues in Values, Media and Culture (Topic Requires Department Approval)
Sports, Media and American Popular Culture
Spanish and Latin American Film
Contemporary Issues in Women's and Gender Studies (Topic Requires Department Approval)
Contemporary Issues in Queer Studies (Topic Requires Department Approval)
Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies (Topic Requires Department Approval)
Technology and Human Expression
Select from the following:4
Technology and Human Communication
History of Network and Information Technologies
Values and Technology
Media Arts and Technologies: Storytelling
Media Arts and Technologies: Cinematic Process
Introduction to Recording, Synthesis, and Production
Advanced Recording, Synthesis, and Production
Language, Technology and Society
Visual, Media, and Cultural Studies Electives
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Any courses that were not taken to satisfy the core requirements above can count as electives.
Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar
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