Game Development Concentration

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COMS 404Video Games & Society4
CSC 371Game Design4
CSC 377Introduction to Mixed Reality4
CSC 378Interactive Entertainment Engineering4
ISLA 340Media Arts and Technologies: Storytelling 14
Select from the following: 24
Foundation in Digital Art I
Foundation in Digital Art II
The Art of Mixed Reality
Digital 3D Modeling and Design
Software Engineering II
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Advanced Rendering Techniques
Computer Animation
Real-Time 3D Computer Graphics Software
Current Topics in Computer Graphics
Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Media Arts and Technologies
Media Arts and Technologies: Cinematic Process
Fiction Writing
New Media Arts I
New Media Arts II
Mathematics/Statistics Elective
Select from the following:4
Calculus IV
Methods of Proof in Mathematics
Linear Algebra II
Graph Theory
Combinatorial Math
Game Theory
Selected Advanced Topics
Introduction to Probability and Simulation
Design and Analysis of Experiments I
Applied Regression Analysis
Statistical Computing with SAS
Statistical Computing with R
Applied Linear Models
Statistical Analysis of Time Series
Categorical Data Analysis
Applied Multivariate Statistics
Statistical Learning: Methods and Applications
Total units28