Real Property Development Minor

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Required Courses
CRP 212Introduction to Urban Planning4
CM 232Evaluation of Cost Alternatives 13-4
or CRP 315 Fiscal and Project Feasibility
CM 475Real Property Development Principles4
Approved Electives
Select from the following:12-13
Urban Design in Architecture
Housing Design Concepts
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
Law of Real Property
Real Estate Finance
Real Estate Investment
Introduction to Construction Management 2
Residential Construction Management 2
Commercial Construction Management 2
Jobsite Construction Management 2
Service / Experiential Learning
Emerging Trends
Professional Preparation
Construction Materials / Assemblies
Construction Technology
Sustainability and Environment
International Construction Studies
Integrated Project, Design and Program Management 2
Introduction to Environmental Planning 3
Plan Implementation
Land Use Law 3
Professional Planning Practice
Housing and Planning
Hazard Mitigation Planning & Resilient Design
Selected Advanced Topics
Urban Economics
Economics of Land and Water
Selected Advanced Topics
Total units24