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Aerospace Engineering (AERO)
Agribusiness (AGB)
Agricultural and Environmental Plant Sciences (AEPS)
Agricultural Communication (AGC)
Agricultural Education (AGED)
Agriculture (AG)
Animal Science (ASCI)
Anthropology (ANT)
Architectural Engineering (ARCE)
Architecture (ARCH)
Art (ART)
Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASTR)


Biology (BIO)
Biomedical Engineering (BMED)
BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE)
Botany (BOT)
Business (BUS)


Chemistry (CHEM)
Child Development (CD)
Chinese (CHIN)
City and Regional Planning (CRP)
Civil Engineering (CE)
College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
Communication Studies (COMS)
Computer Engineering (CPE)
Computer Science (CSC)
Construction Management (CM)


Dairy Science (DSCI)
Dance (DANC)
Data Science (DATA)


Early Start English (ESE)
Early Start Math (ESM)
Earth Science (ERSC)
Economics (ECON)
Education (EDUC)
Electrical Engineering (EE)
Engineering (ENGR)
English (ENGL)
Environmental Design (EDES)
Environmental Engineering (ENVE)
Environmental Sciences (ESCI)
Ethnic Studies (ES)


Fire Protection Engineering (FPE)
Food Science and Nutrition (FSN)
French (FR)


Geography (GEOG)
Geology (GEOL)
German (GER)
Graduate Studies (GS)
Graduate Studies-Accounting (GSA)
Graduate Studies-Business (GSB)
Graduate Studies-Economics (GSE)
Graduate Studies-Packaging (GSP)
Graphic Communication (GRC)


Health (HLTH)
History (HIST)
Honors Contract (HNRC)
Honors (HNRS)


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME)
Industrial Technology and Packaging (ITP)
Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts (ISLA)
Italian (ITAL)


Japanese (JPNS)
Journalism (JOUR)


Kinesiology (KINE)


Landscape Architecture (LA)
Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies (LAES)
Liberal Studies (LS)


Marine Science (MSCI)
Materials Engineering (MATE)
Mathematics (MATH)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Microbiology (MCRO)
Military Science Leadership (MSL)
Music (MU)


Natural Resources (NR)


Philosophy (PHIL)
Physical Education: Men (PEM)
Physical Education: Women (PEW)
Physical Science (PSC)
Physics (PHYS)
Political Science (POLS)
Psychology (PSY)


Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration (RPTA)
Religious Studies (RELS)


Science and Mathematics (SCM)
Sociology (SOC)
Soil Science (SS)
Spanish (SPAN)
Special Education (SPED)
Statistics (STAT)
Systems Integration Engineering (SIE)


Theatre (TH)


University Studies (UNIV)


Wine and Viticulture (WVIT)
Women's and Gender Studies (WGS)
World Languages and Cultures (WLC)

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science (AG)

  • Agribusiness  (AGB)
  • Agricultural Education and Communication (AGC, AGED)
  • Animal Science (ASCI, DSCI)
  • BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE)
  • Experience Industry Management (RPTA)
  • Food Science and Nutrition (FSN)
  • Horticulture and Crop Science (AEPS)
  • Military Science (MSL)
  • Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences (ERSC, ESCI, NR, SS)
  • Wine and Viticulture (WVIT)

College of Architecture and Environmental Design (EDES)

  • Architectural Engineering (ARCE)
  • Architecture  (ARCH)
  • City and Regional Planning (CRP)
  • Construction Management (CM)
  • Landscape Architecture (LA)

Orfalea College of Business (BUS, ECON, GSA, GSB, GSE, GSP, ITP)
College of Engineering (ENGR, FPE)

  • Aerospace Engineering (AERO)
  • Biomedical Engineering (BMED)
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering (CE, ENVE)
  • Computer Engineering (CPE)
  • Computer Science (CSC)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • General Engineering (ENGR)
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME, SIE)
  • Materials Engineering (MATE)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)

College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

College of Science and Mathematics (SCM)

Extended Education (GS)
Interdisciplinary or University-Wide  

  • Honors Program (HNRC, HNRS)
  • Intercollegiate Athletics (PEM, PEW)
  • Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program (LAES)
  • University Studies (UNIV)

General Education Courses


  Standard High-Unit
Oral Communication (A1) 4 4
Public Speaking
Principles of Oral Communication
  Standard High-Unit
Written Communication (A2) 4 4
Writing and Rhetoric Stretch (Part II)
Multilingual Writing and Rhetoric
Writing and Rhetoric
Writing & Rhetoric
  Standard High-Unit
Critical Thinking (A3) 4 4
Argument and Advocacy
Reasoning, Argumentation, and Writing
Writing Arguments
Writing Arguments about STEM
Reasoning, Argumentation, & Writing
Logic and Argumentative Writing
Reasoning, Argumentation, and Writing on Gender and Sexuality


  Standard High-Unit
Physical Science (B1) (B1 & B3=lab course) 4 4
Introduction to the Solar System
Introduction to Stars and Galaxies
World of Chemistry (B1 & B3)
General Chemistry for Physical Science and Engineering I (B1 & B3)
General Chemistry for Physical Science and Engineering II (B1 & B3)
General Chemistry for Agriculture and Life Science I (B1 & B3)
Introduction to Geology
The Geologic Record: Fossils and the History of Life
Introductory Physics
Contemporary Physics for Nonscientists
College Physics I
College Physics II (B1 & B3)
General Physics II (B1 & B3)
General Physics III (B1 & B3)
General Physics IA
Matter and Energy (B1 & B3)
Physical Oceanography
Introductory Soil Science (B1 & B3)
Soils in Environmental and Agricultural Systems (B1 & B3)
  Standard High-Unit
Life Science (B2) (B2 & B3=lab course) 4 4
People, Pests and Plagues (B2 & B3)
Biological Anthropology
Principles of Animal Science
Safe Handling of Animal-Based Foods for Consumers (B2 & B3)
General Biology (B2 & B3)
Plant Diversity and Ecology (B2 & B3)
Biology of Sex
Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology (B2 & B3)
Biodiversity of California
Wildlife Conservation Biology
General Botany (B2 & B3)
Landscape Ecology: Concepts, Issues, and Interrelationships
Microbiology (B2 & B3)
General Microbiology I (B2 & B3) (5)
Survey of Marine Biology
For Engineering students only; concurrent enrollment required:
Life Science for Engineers (2)
Bioengineering Fundamentals (2)
  Standard High-Unit
Laboratory Activity (B3) – to be taken with a course in B1 or B2 X X
  Standard High-Unit
Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (B4) 4 8
Financial Literacy
Computing for All I
Computing for All II
Nature of Modern Math
Stretch Precalculus Algebra I (3)
Precalculus Algebra I (3)
Precalculus Algebra II (3)
Precalculus Algebra
Precalculus Trigonometry
Calculus I
Calculus II
Calculus III
Calculus for the Life Sciences I
Calculus for the Life Sciences II
Calculus for Architecture and Construction Management
Calculus for Business and Economics
Mathematics for Elementary Teaching I
Introduction to Statistical Reasoning
Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Methods
Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences
Statistical Inference for Management I
Statistical Inference for Management II (5)
  Standard High-Unit
Upper-Division B 4 4
Principles of Organic Crop Production
Plants, Food, and Biotechnology
Air and Space
Holistic Management
Equilibrium Without Statics
Longitude, Navigation, and Timekeeping
Human Genetics
Biology of Cancer
Genetic Engineering Technology
Plants, People and Civilization
Irrigation Water Management
Energy for a Sustainable Society
Chemical and Biological Warfare
Sustainability and the Built Environment
Digital Cities
Practical Computer Security for Everyone
Microcontrollers for Everyone
Engineering for the Environment
Introduction to Air Pollution
Soil, Water, and Civilization
Gender, Race, Culture, Science & Technology
Nutrition & Exercise for Health & Disease Prevention
The Science of Food for the Consumer
Fermented Foods
The Global Environment
Seismology and Earth Structure
Web and Print Publishing
Human Factors and Technology
Topics in Public Engagements with STEM
Packaging Fundamentals
Packaging Polymers and Processing
Living in a Material World
Vector Analysis
Linear Analysis II
Complex Analysis I
Engineering Principles in Everyday Life
Everything is Designed: The Invention and Evolution of Products
Technologies for Ocean Discovery
Global Climate Change
Technology of Wildland Fire Management
The World of Spatial Data and Geographic Information Technology
Water Resources Technology and Society
Classical Mechanics I
Solid State Physics
and Solid State Physics Laboratory
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
World Food Systems
Nuclear Energy and Weapons in the Modern World
Energy, Society and the Environment
Appropriate Technology for the World's People: Design
Behavioral Genetics
Selected Environmental Issues of California's Central Coast
Statistical Methods for Engineers
Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
Probability and Random Processes for Engineers
Cal Poly Land: Nature, Technology, and Society
Survey of Grape Growing and Winemaking
  Standard High-Unit
High Unit students select 2 courses from B1-B4 X 8


  Standard High-Unit
Lower-division courses in Area C must come from three different prefixes
16 16
Arts: Arts, Cinema, Dance, Music, Theatre (C1) 4 4
History of Structures
History of World Architecture: Prehistory - Middle Ages
History of World Architecture: Middle Ages - 18th Century
History of World Architecture: 18th Century - Present
The Fundamentals of Drawing
Introduction to Art
Survey of Western Art
Basic Digital Photography
Ceramics I
Beginning Sculpture
Performance of Literature
Dance Appreciation
History of Landscape Architecture: Ancient Civilizations through Colonial America
History of Modern and Contemporary Landscape Architecture
Introduction to Music Theory
Music Appreciation
Jazz Styles
Popular Music of the USA
Music of the 60's: War and Peace
Introduction to Theatre
Theatre History I
Theatre History II
  Standard High-Unit
Humanities: Literature, Philosophy, Languages other than English (C2) 4 4
British Literature: Beginnings to 1789
British Literature: 1789 to the Present
American Literature: Beginnings to 1865
American Literature: 1830 to the Present
Introduction to Classical Literature
Introduction to Medieval through Enlightenment Literature
Introduction to Romanticist through Modernist Literature
Critical Reading in French Literature
Critical Reading in German Literature
Children's Literature in a Diverse Society
Philosophical Classics: Knowledge and Reality
Philosophical Classics: Ethics and Political Philosophy
Introduction to Hispanic Readings
Study Abroad C2 courses
Elementary Mandarin Chinese I Study Abroad
Elementary Mandarin Chinese II Study Abroad
Elementary Mandarin Chinese III Study Abroad
Intermediate Mandarin Chinese I Study Abroad
Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II Study Abroad
Intermediate Mandarin Chinese III Study Abroad
Elementary Italian I Study Abroad
Elementary Italian II Study Abroad
Elementary Italian III Study Abroad
Intermediate Italian I Study Abroad
Elementary Spanish I Study Abroad
Elementary Spanish II Study Abroad
Elementary Spanish III Study Abroad
Intermediate Spanish I Study Abroad
Intermediate Spanish II Study Abroad
Intermediate Spanish III Study Abroad
  Standard High-Unit
Lower-Division C Elective - Select a course from either C1 or C2. 4 4
  Standard High-Unit
Upper-Division C 4 4
Topics in Architectural History
Native American Architecture and Place (USCP)
Art History - Nineteenth Century Art
History of Photography
Asian Art Topics: National, Religious, and Intellectual Movements
Topics in Renaissance Art
Group Performance of Literature
Cultural Influence on Dance in America (USCP)
Advanced Rhetorical Inquiry and Composing
Translingual Rhetorical Inquiry and Writing
British Literature: Beginnings to 1485
British Literature: 1485-1660
British Literature: 1660-1798
British Literature: 1798-1832
British Literature: 1832-1914
British Literature: 1914-Present
Introduction to Shakespeare
American Literature: Beginnings-1865
American Literature: 1865-1914
American Literature: 1914-1956
American Literature: 1956-Present
Women Writers of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries (USCP)
Ethnic American Literature (USCP)
African American Literature (USCP)
Asian American Literature
Gender in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature (USCP)
The Modern Novel
Modern Poetry
Modern Drama
The Bible as Literature and in Literature and the Arts
World Cinema
Film Styles and Genres
Film Directors
Topics on Gender Representations in Film
Literary Themes
Diversity in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature (USCP)
LGBT Literature and Media (USCP)
Creative Nonfiction
Fiction Writing
Poetry Writing
Chicano/a Non-Fiction Literature (USCP)
Latina/o Literature of the United States (USCP)
Chicana/o Literature (USCP)
Latina/o Poetry and Politics (USCP)
Chicana/o Film (USCP)
Cultural Production and Ethnicity
Ethnicity and the Land (USCP)
Significant Works in French
French Literature in English Translation
Significant Works in German
German Literature in English Translation
Values and Technology
Topics and Issues in Values, Media and Culture
Music and Society
Women in Music
Philosophical Topics
Early Greek Philosophy through Plato
Aristotle and Hellenistic Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Early Modern Rationalism
Early Modern Empiricism
Kant and 19th Century European Philosophy
History of Analytic Philosophy
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Technology
Ethics, Science and Technology
Robot Ethics
Technologies and Ethics of Warfare
History of Ethics
Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Social Ethics (USCP)
Feminist Ethics, Gender, Sexuality and Society (USCP)
Business Ethics
Biomedical Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Professional Ethics
Philosophy of Religion
Power, Alienation, and Political Life
Philosophy of Literature
Indian Philosophy
Chinese and East Asian Philosophy
Religions of Asia
Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Religion, Gender, and Society (USCP)
Spiritual Extremism: Asceticism, Mysticism, and Madness
Religion and Violence
Religion and Contemporary Values
Significant Works in Spanish
Spanish and Latin American Film
Chicano/a Authors (USCP)
Hispanic Literature in English Translation
Chicano/Latino Writers in the United States (USCP)
Topics in Diversity on the American Stage (USCP)
Global Theatre and Performance
Humanities in World Cultures
Humanities in Chicano/a Culture (USCP)


  Standard High-Unit
Standard: Select courses in Area D from at least two different prefixes
American Institutions (D1 - Title 5, Section 40404 Requirement) 4 4
Race, Culture and Politics in the United States (USCP)
United States History to 1865 (USCP)
United States History Since 1865 (USCP)
American Cultures (USCP)
Freedom and Equality in American History (USCP)
American and California Government
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies in the United States (USCP)
  Standard High-Unit
Lower-Division (D2) 4 X
Cultural Anthropology
World Prehistory
Survey of Economics
Human Geography
World History I
Modern Political Economy
Comparative Social Movements
World History, Beginnings to 1000
World History, 1000 - 1800
World History, 1800 - Present
The World at War
Creating Sustainable Communities I (2)
Creating Sustainable Communities II (2)
Religion, Dialogue, and Society
Sociocultural Dimensions of Work and Leisure
Comparative Societies
International Political Economy
  Standard High-Unit
Upper-Division D 4 X
Area D Elective
High-Unit: Select either a lower-division D2 or an upper-division D course
X 4
Upper-Division D
Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica
Indigenous South Americans
Sex, Death, and Human Nature
Human Behavioral Ecology
Human Cultural Adaptations
Water for a Sustainable Society
Managing Technology in the International Legal Environment
Housing and Communities
Intercultural Communication (USCP)
Media Effects
Communication, Media, and Politics
Reflections on Biking, Walking and the City
Cities in a Global World
Economics of Poverty, Discrimination and Immigration (USCP)
Comparative Economic Systems
Hip-Hop, Poetics and Politics (USCP)
African Americans in Popular Culture (USCP)
Native Americans in Popular Culture (USCP)
Asian Americans in Popular Culture (USCP)
Latina/os in Popular Culture (USCP)
The Chinese American Experience (USCP)
The Filipina/o American Experience (USCP)
Critical Race Theory (USCP)
The Social Construction of Whiteness (USCP)
Global Geography
Geography of Latin America
Geography of the Caribbean
The Witch-Hunts in Europe, 1400-1800
European Thought 1800-2000
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Cultures of West Africa and the African Diaspora
East Asian Culture and Civilization
Comparative World Environmental History & Sustainability Since 1492
Modern Middle East
Modern East Asia
The Lure of the Sea
The City in the Modern World
Modern South and Southeast Asia
Colonial and Revolutionary America
Civil War America
Modern America
United States Foreign Relations since 1898
Modern Europe, 1789-1914
Modern Europe, 1914-Present
Britain at War: The British, the Americans and the Struggle for Freedom, 1939-1945
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
The Scientific Revolution, c. 1500-1800
Critical Issues in Latin American Studies
London: From Roman Colony to World Capital
Sport and Gender (USCP)
Sports, Media and American Popular Culture (USCP)
Fire and Society
Human Dimensions in Natural Resources Management
Social Dimensions of Sustainable Food and Fiber Systems
Environmental Leadership and Community Engagement
Global Political Issues
U.S. and China in the Contemporary World
Critical Issues in American Politics
Authoritarian and Democratic Rule
Early American Political Thought
Contemporary American Political Thought
Intergroup Dialogues
Environmental Psychology
Psychology of Aging
Conflict Resolution: Violent and Nonviolent
Approaches to Religion and Spirituality
Global Race and Ethnic Relations
Sociology of the Life Cycle
Social Change (USCP)
Contemporary Societies of the Developing World
Sociology of Religion
Appropriate Technology for the World's People: Development
Contemporary Issues in Women's and Gender Studies (USCP)
Contemporary Issues in Queer Studies (USCP)
Women, Gender and Sexuality in Global Perspective
Sexuality Studies
Queer Ethnic Studies (USCP)
Gender, Race, Class, Nation in Global Engineering, Technology & International Development
Language, Technology and Society


  Standard High-Unit
Lower-Division E 4 4
Active Wellness
Principles of Environmental Design
Food and Nutrition: Customs and Culture (USCP)
Healthy Living
Personal Health: A Multicultural Approach
Women's Health Issues
Media, Self and Society
General Psychology
General Psychology
Leadership and Diverse Groups


  Standard High-Unit
Lower-Division F 4 4
Area F is fulfilled with one class, typically taken at the lower division level
Global Origins of Race in the U.S.
Introduction to American Indian Studies
Introduction to African American Studies
Introduction to Latino/a/x Studies
Introduction to Asian American Studies
Race & American Literature
Race & Media Studies
Racial Capitalism
  Standard High-Unit
Select any Area B, C, or D course listed above; courses must be from two different areas; may be either lower-division or upper-division. In addition to the courses listed above, the following courses can be used in fulfillment of the GE Electives.
8 X
Area C Electives
Intermediate Mandarin Chinese I
Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II
Intermediate Mandarin Chinese III
Intermediate French I
Intermediate French II
Intermediate French III
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
Intermediate German III
Intermediate Italian I
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Intermediate Spanish III

Selected Topic Courses

Selected topic courses are academic credit-bearing courses in the Cal Poly catalog that provide a generic course vehicle to offer special topics on an "as needed basis." The most common selected topic courses, 270, 470, 471, 570, 571, are available to all academic programs, and have the same generic course description. The specific topic title appears in the Class Schedule and on the students' transcripts.

A list of selected topic course descriptions can be found at Selected Topic Courses on the website of the Office of the Registrar.

United States Cultural Pluralism (USCP)

USCP courses must fulfill all of the following criteria; and, according to AS-836-17, they must also address the Diversity Learning Objectives (DLOs). USCP courses must:

  1. Focus on one or more diverse groups (identified in the Cal Poly Statement on Diversity) whose contributions to American society have been impeded by social, cultural, legal, economic, and political conflict or whose social, cultural, legal, economic, and political opportunities have been restricted in the United States;
  2. Cover the historical and/or contemporary social issues resulting from conflict or restricted opportunities that include but are not limited to problems associated with discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, abilities, religion, sexual orientation; socioeconomic status, or race in the United States;
  3. Address the diverse intellectual, philosophical, and cultural perspectives of historically marginalized people in the United States;
  4. Emphasize the voices and contributions of historically marginalized groups in the United States such that the course content must prominently include sources written and/or produced by historically marginalized people;
  5. Foster critical thinking skills by using intersectional frameworks of analyses that are necessary for adequately understanding and analyzing various social issues related to diversity and equity in the United States;
  6. Require students to examine critically their own beliefs, attitudes, and potential biases related to historically marginalized people in the United States.

In addition to satisfying these criteria, USCP courses must also address the Diversity Learning Objectives.

Students are required to complete one USCP course. This course also fulfills a requirement for Major, Support, General Education, or Free Elective category.

The following courses fulfill the United States Cultural Pluralism requirement.

ANT 415Native American Cultures4
ARCH 326Native American Architecture and Place (Upper-Division C) 14
ART 375Intersectional Feminist Art Histories4
COMS 316Intercultural Communication (Upper-Division D) 14
CRP 215Planning for and with Multiple Publics4
DANC 321Cultural Influence on Dance in America (Upper-Division C) 14
ECON 303Economics of Poverty, Discrimination and Immigration (Upper-Division D) 14
ENGL 345Women Writers of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries (Upper-Division C) 14
ENGL 346Ethnic American Literature (Upper-Division C) 14
ENGL 347African American Literature (Upper-Division C) 14
ENGL 348Asian American Literature (Upper-Division C) 14
ENGL 349Gender in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature (Upper-Division C) 14
ENGL 381Diversity in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature (Upper-Division C) 14
ENGL 382LGBT Literature and Media (Upper-Division C) 14
ES 112Race, Culture and Politics in the United States (D1) 14
ES 114Introduction to Ethnic Studies4
ES 215Planning for and with Multiple Publics4
ES 300Chicano/a Non-Fiction Literature (Upper-Division C) 14
ES 301Latina/o Literature of the United States (Upper-Division C) 14
ES 302Chicana/o Literature (Upper-Division C) 14
ES 303Latina/o Poetry and Politics (Upper-Division C) 14
ES 310Hip-Hop, Poetics and Politics (Upper-Division D) 14
ES 320African Americans in Popular Culture (Upper-Division D) 14
ES 321Native Americans in Popular Culture (Upper-Division D) 14
ES 322Asian Americans in Popular Culture (Upper-Division D) 14
ES 323Latina/os in Popular Culture (Upper-Division D) 14
ES 324Chicana/o Film (Upper-Division C) 14
ES 325Sexuality and Gender in African American Communities4
ES 326Native American Architecture and Place (Upper-Division C) 14
ES 330The Chinese American Experience (Upper-Division D) 14
ES 335The Filipina/o American Experience (Upper-Division D) 14
ES 345Queer Ethnic Studies (Upper-Division D) 14
ES 350Gender, Race, Culture, Science & Technology (Upper-Division B) 14
ES 360Ethnicity and the Land (Upper-Division C) 14
ES 380Critical Race Theory (Upper-Division D) 14
ES 381The Social Construction of Whiteness (Upper-Division D) 14
FSN 250Food and Nutrition: Customs and Culture (E) 14
HIST 201United States History to 1865 (D1) 14
HIST 202United States History Since 1865 (D1) 14
HIST 206American Cultures (D1) 14
HIST 207Freedom and Equality in American History (D1) 14
HIST 208Survey of California History4
HIST 406African-American History from 18654
HIST 435American Women's History from 18704
HLTH 255Personal Health: A Multicultural Approach (E) 14
HLTH 260Women's Health Issues (E) 14
HNRS 112Race, Culture and Politics in the United States (D1) 14
HNRS 202United States History Since 1865 (D1) 14
HNRS 203United States History to 1865 (D1) 14
HNRS 204Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies in the United States (D1) 14
HNRS 207Freedom and Equality in American History (D1) 14
HNRS 303Economics of Poverty, Discrimination and Immigration (Upper-Division D) 14
HNRS 336Social Ethics (Upper-Division C) 14
HNRS 345Women Writers of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries (Upper-Division C) 14
HNRS 347African American Literature (Upper-Division C) 14
HNRS 353Gender, Race, Culture, Science & Technology (Upper-Division B) 14
JOUR 219Multicultural Society and the Mass Media4
KINE 255Personal Health: A Multicultural Approach (E) 14
KINE 260Women's Health Issues (E) 14
KINE 323Sport and Gender (Upper-Division D) 14
KINE 324Sports, Media and American Popular Culture (Upper-Division D) 14
MU 221Jazz Styles (C1) 14
MU 227Popular Music of the USA (C1) 14
MU 229Music of the 60's: War and Peace (C1) 14
MU 325America's Music4
MU 328Women in Music (Upper-Division C) 14
NR 360Ethnicity and the Land (Upper-Division C) 14
PHIL 335Social Ethics (Upper-Division C) 14
PHIL 336Feminist Ethics, Gender, Sexuality and Society (Upper-Division C) 14
POLS 310The Politics of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality4
POLS 343Civil Rights in America4
POLS 445Voting Rights and Representation4
PSY 260African American Psychology4
PSY 372Multicultural Psychology4
PSY 475The Social Psychology of Prejudice4
RELS 370Religion, Gender, and Society (Upper-Division C) 14
SOC 321Migration (Upper-Division D) 14
SOC 423Gender and Work4
SPAN 111Elementary Hispanic Language and Culture4
SPAN 206Spanish for Heritage Speakers4
SPAN 340Chicano/a Authors (Upper-Division C) 14
SPAN 351Chicano/Latino Writers in the United States (Upper-Division C) 14
TH 305Topics in Diversity on the American Stage (Upper-Division C) 14
WGS 201Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies in the United States (D1) 14
WGS 301Contemporary Issues in Women's and Gender Studies (Upper-Division D) 14
WGS 302Contemporary Issues in Queer Studies (Upper-Division D) 14
WGS 336Feminist Ethics, Gender, Sexuality and Society (Upper-Division C) 14
WGS 345Queer Ethnic Studies (Upper-Division D) 14
WGS 350Gender, Race, Culture, Science & Technology (Upper-Division B) 14
WGS 370Religion, Gender, and Society (Upper-Division C) 14
WGS 375Intersectional Feminist Art Histories4
WGS 423Gender and Work4
WGS 435American Women's History from 18704
WGS 450Feminist Theory4
WLC 312Humanities in Chicano/a Culture (Upper-Division C) 14