MS Quantitative Economics

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Program Learning Objectives

Graduates are prepared to:
1. Exhibit sufficient knowledge of the main quantitative methods of economic analysis (both theoretical and empirical).
2. Are proficient at applying quantitative economics techniques in new and unfamiliar circumstances and will develop the ability to adapt and innovate to solve relevant economic problems.
3. Are able to effectively communicate the implications of their analyses to their relevant audience.

Required Courses
GSE 510Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis4
GSE 511Microeconomic Analysis4
GSE 512Dynamic Stochastic Modeling4
GSE 518Essential Statistics for Econometrics4
GSE 520Advanced Econometrics I4
GSE 522Advanced Econometrics II4
GSE 524Computing and Machine Learning for Economics4
GSE 526Microeconometrics4
Approved Electives (400-500 level) 113
Comprehensive Exam
Total units45