MS Packaging Value Chain

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NOTE: Applications for admission to the MS Packaging Value Chain program are not currently being accepted. Contact the Orfalea College of Business for further information.

Program Learning Objectives

  1. Specify holistic, efficient and effective solutions in the realm of packaging and its impact across the global value chains.
  2. Develop analytical and critical thinking skills towards assessing the value addition proposition of packaging.
  3. Analyze and explain local, national, and global ethical issues related to the packaging value chains.
  4. Infer the present and anticipated future packaging needs of the global society.
  5. Effectively compose written and oral texts for a variety of scholarly, professional, and creative purposes.
Required Courses
GSP 530Packaging Value Chain2
GSP 532Packaging Materials4
GSP 533Advanced Packaging Laws and Regulations3
GSP 535Packaging Value in Logistics and Supply Chain Management3
GSP 536Packaging Design4
GSP 539Marketing and Sales for Packaged Products4
GSP 540Quantitative Analysis for Packaging4
GSP 591Applied Industry Project I5
Approved Electives
Select from the following:16
Data Management for Business Analytics
Lean Operations Management
International Business Tour
Corporate Finance for Packaging
Distribution Packaging for Business Managers
Quality Evaluation of Packaged Products
Total units45