MS Accounting

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Program Learning Objectives

Graduates are prepared to:

1.1 Analyze financial statement data and conduct business valuations.
2.1 Research issues related to accounting standards including international financial reporting standards.
3.1 Demonstrate the ability to use databases and develop advanced spreadsheets to analyze financial and auditing information.
4.1 Demonstrate the ability to diagram data models and perform risk assessment of internal controls that apply to data/processes.
5.1 Recognize and apply ethical and fraud-related concepts in accounting and financial reporting.
6.1 Demonstrate effective writing communication skills.
6.2 Demonstrate effective oral communication skills.

GSA 540Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships4
GSA 541Advanced Financial Reporting Issues I 14
or GSB 510 Data Visualization and Communication in Business
GSA 543Advanced Financial Reporting Issues II5
GSA 545Applied Accounting Research and Communications4
GSA 552Fraud Auditing and Examination4
GSA 554Advanced Spreadsheet Modeling for Accounting4
GSA 555Database Modeling and Analysis for Accounting4
GSA 556Financial Accounting and Valuation4
GSB 512Quantitative Analysis4
GSB 529Effective Communication Skills for Managers4
GSB 530Data Analytics and Mining for Business 14
or GSA 544 Advanced Enterprise Wide Business Processes for Accounting
Comprehensive Examination
Total units45