MBA - General Management Specialization

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Program Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of the MBA programs are for students to be able to:

1.1 Demonstrate competency in the following areas of business: management, quantitative methods, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and strategy.
1.2 Demonstrate strategic integration of the above areas.
1.3 Demonstrate the ability to apply analytics to decision making.
2.1 Recognize issues and create solutions using an approach that reflects ethical values.
3.1 Demonstrate knowledge of the issues involved in conducting business in a diverse, global environment.
4.1 Demonstrate professional written communications skills.
4.2 Demonstrate professional oral communication and presentation skills.
5.1 Recognize leadership skills and link to leadership theory.
5.2 Demonstrate effective team behaviors.

MBA Core Courses36
Accounting for Managers
Quantitative Analysis
Organizational Behavior
Managerial Economics
Marketing Management
Managerial Finance
Aggregate Economics Analysis and Policy
Lean Operations Management
Seminar in General Management and Strategy
Approved Electives
Select from the following: 24
Independent Study
Individual Research
Collaborative Industry Project
Data Visualization and Communication in Business
The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business
Strategic Marketing Analytics
Data Management for Business Analytics
Advanced Management Information Systems
Project Management
Effective Communication Skills for Managers
Data Analytics and Mining for Business
Data Ethics for Business Analytics
Graduate Internship in Business
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
Entrepreneurial Finance
Managing Technology in the International Legal Environment
Selected Advanced Topics
Management of Human Resources
Managing Change
Seminar in Selected Economic Problems
Total units60