Quantitative Analysis Concentration

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Emphasizes the skills needed to analyze market data in fast-paced industries such as manufacturing, financial services, and advertising, and provides the technical training required to engage in consulting. There is also a continued need for quantitative analysis by lawyers, accountants, engineers, health service administrators, urban planners, and local, national, and international government agencies. The concentration prepares students for jobs that entail forecasting, data analysis and quantitative economics, and provides a solid foundation for graduate study in economics and business.

ECON 440Advanced Econometrics4
STAT 331Statistical Computing with R4
Approved Electives:
Select from the following courses: 120
Database Systems in Business
Marketing Analytics and Business Intelligence
Computer Applications in Finance
Decision Support Systems
Econometrics 2
Programming for Economics and Analytics 3
Business Application Development
Fundamentals of Computer Science
Statistics and Decision Analysis
Applied Forecasting
Probability Models for Economic Decisions
Operations Research I
Operations Research II
Design and Analysis of Experiments I
Applied Regression Analysis
Statistical Computing with SAS
Statistical Analysis of Time Series
Applied Multivariate Statistics
Probability Theory
Estimation and Sampling Theory
Mathematical Statistics
Mathematical Foundations
Mathematical Economics
Calculus II
Calculus III
Linear Algebra I
Calculus IV
Differential Equations I
Linear Analysis I
Methods of Proof in Mathematics
Vector Analysis
Linear Algebra II
Linear Analysis II
Linear Algebra III
Introduction to Analysis I
Introduction to Analysis II
Introduction to Analysis III
Differential Equations II
Partial Differential Equations
Game Theory
Numerical Analysis I
Numerical Analysis II
Numerical Optimization
Total units28