Consumer Packaging Concentration

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Concentration Coordinator: Javier de la Fuente

This concentration provides business majors entry into a rapidly expanding and dynamic field, packaging, that has been fueled by the globalization of manufacturing and customer-supplier relationships. This trend has been enabled by new approaches to value chain management, product development, and packaging technology. This concentration will allow the students to:

  1. Conceptualize packaging designs that meet customer needs
  2. Validate designs with data and customer insight
  3. Gain familiarity with packaging materials and related test equipment
  4. Conduct qualitative and quantitative marketing analysis for products
  5. Comprehend packaging costs, sustainability issues and industry trends and
  6. Understand supply chain management and logistics related issues

Lessons are drawn from a range of established and emerging industries such as food, automotive, healthcare, and electronics.

BUS 396Consumer Insights4
BUS 418Listening to the Customer4
BUS 419Strategic Marketing Measurement4
ITP 234Packaging Design Fundamentals4
ITP 330Packaging Fundamentals4
ITP 475Distribution Packaging Dynamics4
Approved Electives
Select from the following:4
Consumer Packaging
Product Modeling and Communication
Packaging Polymers and Processing 1
Fiber-Based Packaging
Packaging Sustainability
Packaging Laws & Regulations
Supply Chain and Logistics
Healthcare Packaging
Packaging Development
Total units28