MS Higher Education Counseling and Student Affairs

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Explain and evaluate foundational and emerging literature and theories.
  2. Demonstrate cognitive complexity, embrace ambiguity, and apply problem solving skills.
  3. Effectively integrate and apply appropriate theories, methods, and principles in professional practice.
  4. Effectively engage in cross-disciplinary, campus, and community partnerships to effect change.
  5. Continuously develop professional skills through ongoing assessment and reflection.
  6. Demonstrate ethics, integrity, legality, and leadership.
EDUC 555Introduction to the Counseling Profession4
EDUC 556Multicultural Counseling4
EDUC 557Career Counseling4
EDUC 560Counseling Theories4
EDUC 561Group Counseling4
EDUC 562Student Development - Higher Education4
EDUC 564Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling4
EDUC 565Counseling Measurement and Assessment4
EDUC 566Leadership and Consultation in Counseling4
EDUC 568Individual Counseling Techniques4
EDUC 573Field Experience in Higher Education Counseling and Student Affairs12
EDUC 586Introduction to Inquiry in Education4
EDUC 587Educational Foundations and Current Issues4
EDUC 588Education, Culture, and Learning4
EDUC 589Educational Research Methods4
EDUC 590Research Application in Education4
Total units72