MA Educational Leadership and Administration

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NOTE: Applications for admission to the MA Educational Leadership and Administration program are not currently being accepted. Contact the School of Education for information regarding admission to the MS Educational Leadership and Administration, starting in Fall 2023.

Program Learning Objectives

  1. Development and Implementation of a Shared Vision: Education leaders facilitate the development and implementation of a shared vision of learning and growth of all students.
  2. Instructional Leadership: Education leaders shape a collaborative culture of teaching and learning informed by professional standards and focused on student and professional growth.
  3. Management and Learning Environment: Education leaders manage the organization to cultivate a safe and productive learning and working environment.
  4. Family and Community Engagement: Education leaders collaborate with families and other stakeholders to address diverse student and community interests and mobilize community resources.
  5. Ethics and Integrity: Education leaders make decisions, model, and behave in ways that demonstrate professionalism, ethics, integrity, justice, and equity and hold staff to the same standard.
  6. External Context and Policy: Education leaders influence political, social, economic, legal and cultural contexts affecting education to improve education policies and practices.
EDUC 510Education Finance and Resource Allocation4
EDUC 511Educational Law and Governance4
EDUC 512Education Organization and Management4
EDUC 513Education Planning and Decision Making4
EDUC 515Educational Program Management and Evaluation4
EDUC 516Educational Personnel Supervision and Evaluation4
EDUC 517Managing Action Research Communities2
EDUC 519Professional e-Portfolios for Educational Leaders1
EDUC 542Administration of Special Programs and Services4
EDUC 586Introduction to Inquiry in Education4
EDUC 587Educational Foundations and Current Issues4
EDUC 588Education, Culture, and Learning4
EDUC 589Educational Research Methods4
EDUC 590Research Application in Education4
Total units51