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MATH 300Technology in Mathematics Education4
MATH 341Theory of Numbers4
MATH 419Introduction to the History of Mathematics4
MATH 423Advanced Mathematics for Teaching4
MATH 442Euclidean Geometry4
MATH 443Modern Geometries4
MATH 482Abstract Algebra II4
SCM 300Early Field Experience 14
STAT 301Statistics I4
STAT 302Statistics II4
or STAT 305 Introduction to Probability and Simulation
Select from the following:8
Data Structures
Vector Analysis
Graph Theory
Linear Analysis II
Mathematical Software
Linear Algebra III
Complex Analysis I
Introduction to Analysis II
Differential Equations II
Discrete Mathematics with Applications I
Game Theory
Topology I
Numerical Analysis I
Senior Project Seminar
Senior Project Applied Seminar
Senior Project I
and Senior Project II
Selected Advanced Topics
Abstract Algebra III
General Physics II
General Physics III
Classical Mechanics I
Probability Theory
Total units48