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Mathematics as a discipline is structured around conceptual categories of numbers and quantity, algebra, functions, modeling, geometry and probability and statistics. Knowledge in this area is unified through context, coherence, and tasks that develop mathematical “habits of mind.” Courses in this concentration are structured for higher mathematics practices and content to support college and career pathways.

This concentration is aligned to a supplemental authorization in Mathematics that can be added to your future credential. See a concentration advisor for more information. 

MATH 141Calculus I4
MATH 142Calculus II4
MATH 143Calculus III4
MATH 248Methods of Proof in Mathematics4
Select from the following:4
Project Based Learning in STEM Education
Technology in Mathematics Education
Combinatorial Math
Graph Theory
Theory of Numbers
Introduction to the History of Mathematics
Euclidean Geometry
Statistics Education: Pedagogy, Content, Technology, and Assessment
Total units20