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HIST 322Modern America4
Select from the following World History courses:4
World History, Beginnings to 1000 CE 1
World History, 1000-1800
World History, 1800 - Present
Select from the following U.S. Government courses:4
American and California Government
The American Presidency
United States Congress
Early American Political Thought
Contemporary American Political Thought
Select from the following World Civilization or World Culture courses:4
European Thought 1800-2000
East Asian Culture and Civilization
Modern Middle East
Modern East Asia
Modern South and Southeast Asia
Modern Europe, 1789-1914
Modern Europe, 1914-Present
Modern Latin America
Modern Central America
Select from the following Social Systems courses:4
The Social Construction of Whiteness
Identity and Equity in American Schools 2
The World System and Its Problems
Global Race and Ethnic Relations
Total units20