Cross Disciplinary Studies Minor in Bioinformatics

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BIO 161Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology4
BIO 351Principles of Genetics5
or CHEM 373 Molecular Biology
CHEM 124General Chemistry for Physical Science and Engineering I4
or CHEM 127 General Chemistry for Agriculture and Life Science I
CHEM 125General Chemistry for Physical Science and Engineering II4
or CHEM 128 General Chemistry for Agriculture and Life Science II
CHEM 216Organic Chemistry I5
or CHEM 312 Survey of Organic Chemistry
BIO/CHEM 475Molecular Biology Laboratory3
BIO 305Biology of Cancer 1, 2, 33-5
or AEPS 329 Plants, Food, and Biotechnology
or BIO 327 Wildlife Ecology
or BIO 361 Principles of Animal Physiology
or BIO 413 Evolutionary Medicine
or BIO 414 Evolution
or BIO 415 Biogeography
or BIO 419 Analytical Methods in Ecology
or BIO 442 Behavioral Ecology
or BIO 444 Population Ecology
or BIO 446 Ecosystem Ecology
or BOT 326 Plant Ecology
or CHEM 313 Survey of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
or CHEM 371 Biochemical Principles
or MCRO 320 Emerging Infectious Diseases
or MCRO 342 Public Health Microbiology
or MCRO 421 Food Microbiology
or MCRO 433 Microbial Biotechnology
BIO/CHEM 441Bioinformatics Applications4
or CSC 448 Bioinformatics Algorithms
DATA 441Bioinformatics Capstone I2
DATA 442Bioinformatics Capstone II2
Computer Science
CSC 101Fundamentals of Computer Science4
CSC 202Data Structures4
CSC 203Project-Based Object-Oriented Programming and Design4
DATA 301Introduction to Data Science4
STAT 302Statistics II4
or STAT 312 Statistical Methods for Engineers
or STAT 313 Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
STAT 331Statistical Computing with R4
Total units60-62