Queer Studies Minor

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Required Courses 1
WGQS 302Contemporary Issues in Queer Studies 24
or ES 345 Queer Ethnic Studies
WGQS 455Queer Theory4
Core Courses 3
Select from the following:8
Queer Anthropology
LGBT Literature and Media
African American Gender & Sexuality
Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe
Gender and Sexuality in Visual and Popular Culture
Sexuality Studies
Approved Electives 4
Select from the following:8
Sex, Death, and Human Nature
Action-oriented Ethnography
Meaning, Gender, and Identity in Anthropological Theory
Biology of Sex
300 and 400-level English Topics/Subtitle courses as approved 5
Race, Culture, and Politics in the United States
Introduction to American Indian Studies
Introduction to African American Studies
Introduction to Latino/a/x Studies
Introduction to Asian American Studies
Beyoncé: Race, Feminism and Politics
Cultural Production and Ethnicity
Critical Race Theory
The Social Construction of Whiteness
Comparative Social Movements
History of the American West, Southwest Borderlands, and California
Imperialism and Postcolonial Studies
Topics and Issues in Values, Media and Culture 5
Sport and Gender
Feminist Ethics, Gender, Sexuality and Society
The Politics of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality
Intergroup Dialogues
Psychology of Gender
The Social Psychology of Prejudice
Religion, Gender, and Society
Sociology of the Family
Social Change
Sociology of Genders and Sexualities
Topics in Diversity on the American Stage 5
Reasoning, Argumentation, and Writing on Gender and Sexuality
Gender and Sexuality in US Society and Politics
Selected Topics 5, 6
Women, Gender and Sexuality in Global Perspective
Masculinity Studies
Feminist/Queer Transnational Studies
Intersectional Feminist Art Histories
Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates 5, 6
Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies 5
Women's and Gender Studies / Queer Studies Internship
Selected Advanced Topics 5, 6
Total units24