Western Intellectual Tradition Minor

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Group A
Select 12 units from at least two (2) of the following groupings:12
Great Books — Literature:
British Literature: Beginnings to 1789
American Literature: Beginnings to 1865
Introduction to Classical Literature
Introduction to Medieval through Enlightenment Literature
Introduction to Romantic through Modernist Literature
Great Books — Philosophy:
Philosophical Classics: Knowledge and Reality
Philosophical Classics: Ethics and Political Philosophy
Science and Mathematics
Nature of Modern Math
Introductory Physics
Contemporary Physics for Nonscientists
College Physics I
General Physics I
Political Science:
Basic Concepts of Political Thought
Western Civilization:
Western Civilization: Ancient to Renaissance
Western Civilization: Reformation to the Present
Group B
Select 16 units from at least three (3) of the following groupings:16
British and American Literature:
British Literature: Beginnings to 1485
British Literature: 1485-1660
British Literature: 1660-1798
British Literature: 1798-1832
British Literature: 1832-1914
Introduction to Shakespeare
American Literature: Beginnings-1865
American Literature: 1865-1914
The Bible as Literature and in Literature and the Arts
The Witch-Hunts in Europe, 1400-1800
European Thought 1800-2000
Modern Europe, 1789-1914
The Scientific Revolution, c. 1500-1800
Renaissance and Reformation Europe
Religious Wars and Absolutism
London: From Roman Colony to World Capital
Language and Literature:
Significant Works in French
Significant Works in German
Significant Works in Spanish
Don Quixote
Early Greek Philosophy through Plato
Aristotle and Hellenistic Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Early Modern Rationalism
Early Modern Empiricism
Kant and 19th Century European Philosophy
History of Ethics
Special Topics in the History of Philosophy
Political Thought:
Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
Modern Political Thought
Early American Political Thought
Contemporary American Political Thought
Classical Rhetorical Theory
Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
American Political Rhetoric
Science and Mathematics:
Introduction to the History of Mathematics
Philosophy of Space, Time and Matter
Classical Mechanics I
Total units28