Global Studies and International Development Concentration

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ANT 401Culture and Health4
GEOG 408Geography of International Development4
Problems and Issues Courses
Select from the following:12
Indigenous South Americans
Sex, Death, and Human Nature
Human Behavioral Ecology
Nutritional Anthropology
Climate and Humanity
Applications in Remote Sensing and GIS
Human Impact on the Earth
Geography of Latin America
Geography of the Caribbean
Advanced Applications in Geospatial Technologies
Select two from the following:8
Cities in a Global World
Politics of Developing Areas
World Food Systems
Sociology of the Environment
The World System and Its Problems
Global Race and Ethnic Relations
World Population Processes and Problems
Appropriate Technology for the World's People: Development
Appropriate Technology for the World's People: Design
Humanities in World Cultures
Foreign language at intermediate level (201) or credit for a comparable level of proficiency (4 units max)
Total units28