Environmental Studies and Sustainability Concentration

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GEOG/ERSC 325Climate and Humanity4
GEOG 328Applications in Remote Sensing and GIS4
or GEOG 441 Advanced Applications in Geospatial Technologies
GEOG 414Global and Regional Climatology4
or GEOG 415 Applied Meteorology and Climatology
GEOG 435Biodiversity and Biogeography Methods4
Problems and Issues Courses
Select from the following:12
Principles of Organic Crop Production
Holistic Management
Introduction to Cultural Resources Management
Plant Diversity and Ecology
Wildlife Conservation Biology
Aerial Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Energy for a Sustainable Society
Environmental Law
Sustainable Environments
Introduction to Air Pollution
Human Impact on the Earth
Geography of International Development
Physical Geology
Natural Resource Ecology and Habitat Management
World Food Systems
Energy, Society and the Environment
Sociology of the Environment
World Population Processes and Problems
Introductory Soil Science
Total units28