Media Arts, Society and Technology Minor

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Required Courses12
Introduction to Science, Technology & Society
Gender, Race, Culture, Science & Technology
Advanced Project-Based Learning in Science, Technology & Society
Media Arts, Society and Technology Practicum Sequence
Select from the following: 110-12
3D Graphics
Foundation in Digital Art I
and Animation, Video, and Interactive Design 2
The Art of Mixed Reality 2
Collaborative Studio: Storyboarding, Modeling, Animation and Rendering
Digital Video
Introduction to Digital Photography
Introduction to Artificial Lighting for Photography
Digital Video I
Digital Video II
Introduction to Media Arts and Technologies
and Media Arts and Technologies: Storytelling
and Media Arts and Technologies: Cinematic Process
Graphic Communication and User Experience
Web and Print Publishing
and User Experience Methods for Digital Innovation
Front-end Web Development
Graphic Communication in Integrated Marketing Communications
Intermedia and Sculpture 3
Beginning Sculpture
and Intermediate Sculpture
and Intermedia / Art
Interactive Entertainment 4
Data Structures
and Game Design
and Interactive Entertainment Engineering
Multimedia Story Production
News Reporting and Writing
and Web Audio and Video
and Multimedia Production for Public Relations and Advertising
New Media
Introduction to Media Arts and Technologies
and New Media Arts I
and New Media Arts II
Sound Design
Introduction to Music Theory
Music Appreciation
Introduction to Recording, Synthesis, and Production
and Advanced Recording, Synthesis, and Production
Technology and Community Engagement
Introduction to Media Arts and Technologies
and Technology and Community Engagement 5
Approved Electives
Select from the following: 6,74
Foundation in Digital Art II
Black and White Photography
Graphic Design I
Interaction Design I
History of Photography
Photographic Expression
New Media Art History
Digital Video I
Interaction Design II
Selected Advanced Topics 8
Advanced Interactive Media Art
Technology and Human Communication
Media Effects
Media Criticism
Introduction to Computing
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Advanced Rendering Techniques
Real-Time 3D Computer Graphics Software
Current Topics in Computer Graphics
Dance Composition
World Cinema
Film Styles and Genres
Film Directors
African Americans in Popular Culture
Native Americans in Popular Culture
Asian Americans in Popular Culture
Latina/os in Popular Culture
Cultural Production and Ethnicity
Web Development and Content Management
Web Design and Production
Mobile User Experience
Emerging Technologies in Graphic Communication
Chinese Film and History
Japanese Postwar Film and History
Media and Technology in Health Promotion
Values and Technology
Topics and Issues in Values, Media and Culture (Pop Culture) 8
Multicultural Society and the Mass Media
Introduction to Multimedia Journalism
Broadcast Announcing and Production
Data Journalism
Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Visual Communication for the Mass Media
Global Communication
Journalism Ethics
Advanced Digital Journalism
Copyright, Trademark, Patent and Commercial Speech in Digital Media
Philosophy of Literature
Spanish and Latin American Film
Stagecraft I
Stagecraft II
Scenic Design
Lighting Design
Total units26-28