Science, Technology and Society Concentration

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Science Communication
Select from the following:4
Crisis Communication in Food and Agriculture
Technology and Human Communication
Environmental Communication
Science Communication
Health Communication
Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Medicine
Topics in Public Engagements with STEM
Philosophy of Science and Technology
Select from the following:4
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Technology
Ethics, Science and Technology
Robot Ethics
Technologies and Ethics of Warfare
Environmental Ethics
Gender, Race, Culture, Science & Technology
Select from the following:4
Meaning, Gender, and Identity in Anthropological Theory
Topics and Issues in Values, Media and Culture (Topic Requires Department Approval)
Technology and Community Engagement
Sociology of the Environment
Contemporary Issues in Women's and Gender Studies (Topic Requires Department Approval)
Contemporary Issues in Queer Studies (Topic Requires Department Approval)
Gender, Race, Culture, Science & Technology
Gender, Race, Class, Nation in Global Engineering, Technology & International Development
Science, Technology, and Society Electives
Select from the following: 20
Any courses that were not taken to satisfy the core requirements above can count as electives.
Energy for a Sustainable Society
Climate and Humanity
The Scientific Revolution, c. 1500-1800
History of Network and Information Technologies
Science and Society in Cold War America
United States Environmental History
Values and Technology
Cal Poly Land: Nature, Technology, and Society
The Global Environment
Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar 4
Advanced Project-Based Learning in Science, Technology & Society
Technology and Public Policy
Nuclear Energy and Weapons in the Modern World
Energy, Society and the Environment
Language, Technology and Society
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