Asian Studies Minor

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Required Courses
CHIN 103Elementary Mandarin Chinese III4
or JPNS 103 Elementary Japanese III
HIST 310East Asian Culture and Civilization4
or HIST 316 Modern East Asia
or HIST 319 Modern South and Southeast Asia
PHIL 361Indian Philosophy4
or PHIL 362 Chinese and East Asian Philosophy
or RELS 301 Religions of Asia
Approved Electives
(At least 8 units must be upper-division)16
Cultural Anthropology
Intermediate Mandarin Chinese I
Human Geography
World History, Beginnings to 1000 CE
World History, 1000-1800
World History, 1800 - Present
Intermediate Japanese I
History of Landscape Architecture: Ancient Civilizations through Colonial America
Introduction to Non-Western Musics
Introduction to International Relations
Topics in Architectural History
Asian Art Survey
Asian Art Topics: National, Religious, and Intellectual Movements
International Supply Chains (Topic: China)
Asian American Literature
Asian Americans in Popular Culture
The Chinese American Experience
The Filipina/o American Experience
Vietnam War at Home and Abroad
Modern Japan
20th Century China
Chinese Film and History
Modern Southeast Asia
The History of Prostitution
Japanese Postwar Film and History
The History of Vietnam
Topics and Issues in Asian History
Music and Society (Topic: World Musics)
Politics of Developing Areas (Topic: East Asia)
U.S. and China in the Contemporary World
Issues and Topics in Comparative Politics (Topic: Chinese Politics)
Humanities in World Cultures (Topics: China, Japan, Thailand)
Total units28