Ethnic Studies Minor

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Required Courses
ES 112Race, Culture, and Politics in the United States4
ES 252Global Origins of Race in the U.S.4
or ES 253 Introduction to American Indian Studies
or ES 254 Introduction to African American Studies
or ES 255 Introduction to Latino/a/x Studies
or ES 256 Introduction to Asian American Studies
ES 320African Americans in Popular Culture4
or ES 321 Native Americans in Popular Culture
or ES 322 Asian Americans in Popular Culture
or ES 323 Latina/os in Popular Culture
or ES 340 Cultural Production and Ethnicity
or ES 345 Queer Ethnic Studies
or ES 380 Critical Race Theory
Approved Electives 1, 2
See Approved Electives list below (8 units must be at the 300-400 level)12
Total units24

Approved Electives

Select from the following:
The Global Environment
World Food Economy
Cultural Anthropology
Action-oriented Ethnography
Culture and Health
Native American Cultures
Queer Anthropology
Topics in Architectural History
Native American Architecture and Place
Asian Art Survey
Asian Art Topics: National, Religious, and Intellectual Movements
International and Cross Cultural Management
International Finance
International Marketing
Children's Learning and Development in Educational Settings
Children's Development in Diverse Cultures
Intercultural Communication
Critical Cultural Studies and Communication
Gender and Communication
Cities: Form, Culture and Evolution
Planning for and with Multiple Publics
Cities in a Global World
Cultural Influence on Dance in America
Economics of Poverty, Discrimination and Immigration
International Trade Theory
Sustainable Environments
Women Writers of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
Ethnic American Literature
African American Literature
Gender in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature
World Cinema
Diversity in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature
LGBT Literature and Media
Climate and Humanity
Global Origins of Race in the U.S.
Introduction to American Indian Studies
Introduction to African American Studies
Introduction to Latino/a/x Studies
Introduction to Asian American Studies
Fire and Society
Queer Ethnic Studies
Gender, Race, Culture, Science & Technology
Gender, Race, Class, Nation in Global Engineering, Technology & International Development
Ethnicity and the Land
Indigenous Peoples and International Law and Policy
Food and Nutrition: Culture and Customs
Nutrition Education and Communications
Human Geography
Global Geography
Geography of California
Geography of Latin America
Geography of the Caribbean
Geography of International Development
United States Cultures
Survey of California History
Comparative Social Movements
World History, 1800 - Present
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
East Asian Culture and Civilization
Modern Middle East
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
Modern Central America
African-American History to 1865
African-American History from 1865
Modern Japan
20th Century China
Chinese Film and History
Modern Southeast Asia
The History of Prostitution
Precolonial African History
Modern African History
History of the American West, Southwest Borderlands, and California
American Women's History to 1870
American Women's History from 1870
Topics and Issues in Latin American History
Topics and Issues in Asian History
Topics and Issues in African History
Imperialism and Postcolonial Studies
Personal Health: A Multicultural Approach
Multicultural Society and the Mass Media
Global Communication
Sport and Gender
Introduction to Non-Western Musics
Jazz Styles
Music of the 60's: War and Peace
America's Music
Cultural Concepts and Structures in Music
Jazz History and Theory
Social Ethics
Feminist Ethics, Gender, Sexuality and Society
Introduction to International Relations
Introduction to Comparative Politics
The Politics of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality
International Relations Theory
Global Political Issues
Politics of Developing Areas
World Food Systems
U.S. and China in the Contemporary World
Authoritarian and Democratic Rule
Civil Rights in America
Social Movements and Political Protest
Contemporary U.S. Foreign Policy
International Organizations and Law
Politics of the Global Economy
Voting Rights and Representation
U.S. Reproductive Politics
The Politics of Poverty
Social Psychology
African American Psychology
Intergroup Dialogues
Psychology of Gender
Multicultural Psychology
Cross-Cultural International Psychology
The Social Psychology of Prejudice
Religions of Asia
Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Religion, Gender, and Society
Religion and Politics in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Comparative Societies
International Political Economy
The World System and Its Problems
Sociology of Genders and Sexualities
Global Race and Ethnic Relations
Social Stratification
Social Change
Introduction to Hispanic Readings
Significant Works in Spanish
Chicano/a Authors
Hispanic Literature in English Translation
Chicano/Latino Writers in the United States
Advanced Literature in Spanish
Topics in Diversity on the American Stage
Global Theatre and Performance
Contemporary Issues in Women's and Gender Studies
Women, Gender and Sexuality in Global Perspective
Feminist Theory
Queer Theory
Humanities in Chicano/a Culture
Critical Issues in Latin American Studies