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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how British and American literary traditions developed, becoming familiar with significant writers, their works, and the connections between them.
  2. Understand the structure of language and its change over time and across social situations and groups.
  3. Understand the movements and traditions of Composition and Rhetoric Studies.
  4. Be able to think creatively and critically and to write effectively within all these areas of English Studies.
  5. Know how to conduct original research and integrate criticism (secondary sources) into your own analyses.
  6. Be prepared for lifelong learning.
  7. Be ready and able to pursue a wide range of personal and professional goals or to undertake further graduate studies.
Required "Foundations" Courses
ENGL 501Introduction to English Studies4
ENGL 502Seminar in Critical Analysis4
ENGL 503Graduate Introduction to Linguistics4
ENGL 505Composition Theory4
Required Literature Courses
ENGL 511Seminar in American Literature4
ENGL 512Seminar in British Literature4
Capstone Research Portfolio
ENGL 598Graduate Project2
Elective Courses 1
Select from the following:20
Pedagogical Approaches to Composition 2
Seminar in Authors
Seminar in American Literature
Seminar in British Literature
Seminar in Special Topics
Graduate Technical Communication
Seminar in Rhetoric and Writing
Selected Advanced Topics
Total units46