MS Mechanical Engineering

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Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the requirements of the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, students should be able to:

  1. Devise a plan to research issues relevant to the problem at hand and to conduct experiments or develop a computer model.
  2. Formulate solutions to advanced engineering problems.
  3. Analyze the collected or generated data and draw conclusions from the results.
  4. Analyze and synthesize advanced engineering solutions.
Required Courses
ME 599Design Project (Thesis)9
Or 9 units of approved Technical Electives and a Comprehensive Examination 1
Approved MATH/STAT/CSC Courses 28
Select from the following:12
Continuum Mechanics and Elasticity
Inelastic Stress Analysis
Finite Element Analysis
System Dynamics
Mechanical Control System Design
Advanced Vibrations
Machinery Vibration and Rotor Dynamics
Viscous Flow
Advanced Thermodynamics
Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Flow
Advanced Heat Transfer I
Advanced Heat Transfer II
Computational Heat Transfer
Fluid Power Control
Approved Technical Electives
400 or 500-level ME or non-ME courses; maximum of 12 units of 400-level courses allowed16
Total units45