General Curriculum in BS Mechanical Engineering

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ME 326Intermediate Dynamics4
ME 418Implementation of Mechanical Controls4
or ME 419 Advanced Control Systems
ME 428Senior Design Project I 12
ME 429Senior Design Project II 12
ME 430Senior Design Project III 12
Technical Electives 2,3,4
Select from the following:11-12
Select 8-12 units from the following ME courses:
Introduction to Mechatronics
Fundamentals of HVAC Systems
Fundamentals of Fire Protection Engineering
Any ME 400-level or ME 500-level class with the exception of required (major) and senior project courses.
Select 0 - 4 units from:
Any upper-division or graduate level course in the College of Engineering with the exception of GE Upper-Division B, ENGR 301, senior project, thesis, special problems and co-op courses.
Total units25-26