MS Electrical Engineering

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Program Learning Objectives

Our goal is to create a graduate degree program and a learning environment that result in graduates who possess the following:

  1. Technical competency in their chosen disciplines;
  2. Effective communication skills;
  3. Awareness of the impacts of technology on society and the environment;
  4. Understanding of ethics and responsible professional conduct;
  5. Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills;
  6. Appreciation of the need for life-long learning;
  7. Leadership/planning/decision-making skills;
  8. Critical thinking/complex problem-solving skills.
Required Courses
EE 525Stochastic Processes4
or EE 513 Control Systems Theory
EE 563Graduate Seminar (1, 1, 1)3
EE 599Design Project (Thesis) (or 9 units of approved Technical Electives and a comprehensive written examination) 19
Additional Electrical Engineering Graduate Courses
Select from the following: 212
Individual Study
Microwave Component and System Engineering
Software Defined Radio
Computational Intelligence
Electric Machines Theory
Control Systems Theory
Advanced Topics in Automatic Control
Discrete Time Filters
Power System Protection
Advanced Analysis of Power Systems
Advanced Solar-Photovoltaic Systems Design
Computer Systems
Advanced Real-Time Operating Systems Design
Digital Systems Design
Solid State Electronics
Advanced Digital Communications
Advanced Topics in Power Electronics
Digital Image Processing
Microwave Device Electronics
Fourier Optics
Advanced VLSI Design
VLSI Circuit Testing
Advanced Photonic Systems
Advanced Microwave Laboratory
Advanced Real Time Embedded Systems
Solid-state Electronics and VLSI Laboratory
Selected Advanced Topics
Selected Advanced Laboratory
Approved Technical Electives (400-500 level) 1
May be selected from the course list above and other advisor approved technical electives.17
Total units45