Radio Frequency - Microwaves - Photonics Concentration

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Approved Electives: 1
Select from the following:9
Micro/Nano Fabrication
Microfabrication Laboratory
Materials Engineering
Materials Laboratory I
Electronic Materials Systems
Linear Algebra I
Vector Analysis
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I
Advanced Optics
Technical Electives: 1
Select from the following:11
Introduction to Photonics and Fiber Optics
High Frequency Amplifier Design
Advanced Analog Circuits
Advanced Electronic Design
Digital Communication Systems
Photonic Engineering
Micro/Nano Fabrication
Analog Filter Design
Wireless Communications
Introduction to Photonics and Fiber Optics Laboratory
High Frequency Amplifier Design Laboratory
Advanced Analog Circuits Laboratory
Analog Filter Design Laboratory
Digital Communication Systems Laboratory
Photonic Engineering Laboratory
Wireless Communications Laboratory
Microwave Component and System Engineering
Software Defined Radio
Solid State Electronics
Advanced Digital Communications
Microwave Device Electronics
Fourier Optics
Advanced Photonic Systems
Advanced Microwave Laboratory
Advanced Optics
Total units20