Power Concentration

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EE 406Power Systems Analysis I4
or EE 410 Power Electronics I
Approved Electives
Select from the following:9
Engineering Economics
Financial Decision Making for Engineers
Materials Engineering
Electronic Materials Systems
Methods of Proof in Mathematics
Vector Analysis
Linear Algebra II
Numerical Analysis I
Engineering Statics
Engineering Dynamics
Thermodynamics I
Physics of Energy
Technical Electives
Select from the following:7
Power Systems Analysis I
Power Systems Analysis II
Power Electronics I
Power Electronics II
Alternating Current Machines
Sustainable Electric Energy Conversion
Digital Control Systems
Introduction to Magnetic Design
Automotive Engineering for a Sustainable Future
Industrial Power Control and Automation
Power Systems Laboratory
Digital Control Systems Laboratory
Computational Intelligence
Electric Machines Theory
Control Systems Theory
Advanced Topics in Automatic Control
Power System Protection
Advanced Analysis of Power Systems
Advanced Solar-Photovoltaic Systems Design
Advanced Topics in Power Electronics
Numerical Optimization
Total units20