MS Biomedical Engineering, Specialization in Regenerative Medicine

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Perform fundamental laboratory skills involved in regenerative medicine research & development.
  2. Discuss and critically evaluate biomedical primary literature.
  3. Effectively communicate technical topics to both peer and lay audiences.
  4. Explain the process of biotechnology development & commercialization.
  5. Describe how research & development efforts are motivated by and impact physician & patient experiences.
  6. Design and execute independent research projects.
Required Courses
BMED 520Modeling of Biomedical Systems4
or BMED 530 Biomaterials
BMED 505Biomedical Signal Transduction and Data Acquisition4
or BMED 515 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging
STAT 513Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models4
or IME 527 Design of Experiments
BMED 510Principles of Tissue Engineering4
BMED 560Cell Transplantation and Biotherapeutics2
BMED 561Cell Transplantation and Biotherapeutics Laboratory2
BIO/CHEM 475Molecular Biology Laboratory3-5
or ASCI 403 Applied Biotechnology in Animal Science
BIO 534Principles of Stem Cell Biology2
ASCI 581Graduate Seminar in Animal Science1
BIO 590Seminar in Biology1
BMED 563Biomedical Engineering Graduate Seminar2
BIO 509Communicating Biology to General Audiences1
BIO/ASCI/BMED 583Research Experience for Regenerative Medicine Students2
ASCI/BIO/BMED 593Regenerative Medicine Internship9
Approved Electives 14
Total units45