General Curriculum in Biomedical Engineering

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This is the default curriculum required for students who do not declare a concentration.
CE 207Mechanics of Materials II 12-3
or EE 321 Electronics
ME 228Engineering Design Communication2
Approved Technical Electives12
Electrical Engineering Concepts for Biomedical Engineering
Applied Finite Element Analysis
Medical Device Evaluation and the FDA Approval Process
Micro/Nano System Design
Micro/Nano Fabrication
Microfabrication Laboratory
Characterization of Micro/Nano Scale Structures
Biopotential Instrumentation
Contemporary Issues in Biomedical Engineering
Senior Thesis
Principles of Tissue Engineering
Introduction to Biomedical Imaging
Skeletal Tissue Mechanics
Bioseparations and Clinical Diagnostics
Current and Evolving Topics in Biomedical Engineering
Quality Engineering
Reliability for Design and Testing
Design of Experiments
Thermodynamics and Physical Chemistry
Materials Characterization Techniques
Nanoscale Engineering
Corrosion Engineering
Surface Chemistry of Materials
Introduction to Mechatronics
Intermediate Dynamics
Access by Design: Introduction to Rehabilitation Engineering
Approved Support Electives12
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Human Genetics
Survey of Genetics
Principles of Genetics
Bioinformatics Applications
Cell Biology
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory For Life Sciences II
Organic Chemistry III
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory for Life Sciences III
Organic Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications
Biochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications
Test Design and Analysis in Manufacturing Engineering
Materials Laboratory I
Materials Selection Life Cycle
Linear Analysis II
General Microbiology I
Total units28-29