MS Aerospace Engineering

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Competency in advanced mathematics, science, and aerospace engineering knowledge.
  2. Ability to apply advanced mathematics, science, and aerospace engineering knowledge to a project that is conducted independently.
  3. Make a specific contribution to a field that is relevant to aerospace professionals.
  4. Ability to convey effectively engineering ideas and results both orally and in writing.
  5. Awareness of professional and ethical responsibility.
  6. Awareness of global, contemporary issues related to aerospace engineering and the society at large.
  7. Awareness of rapid advancement of modern technology and ability for life-long learning.
Required Courses
MATH 501Analytic Methods in Applied Mathematics4
MATH 502 or approved numerical methods elective4
Advisor Approved Electives
500-level AERO courses16
400-500 level courses from the College of Engineering or College of Science and Mathematics12
Culminating Experience
AERO 599Thesis (Design Project) (2, 2, 5)9
Total units45