Specialization in Transportation Planning

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Identify and articulate the range of issues and problems associated with urban transportation.
  2. Identify the primary analytic methods used in urban transportation planning.
  3. Identify the ranges of solutions and policy options used to address the problems and issues associated with urban transportation.
  4. Identify and articulate the key issues that drive transportation policy.
  5. Understand driver behavior, traffic characteristics, traffic operations, highway capacity and level of service, and operational considerations for the design of traffic facilities.
  6. Articulate the interdependency between transportation and land use.
  7. Develop travel demand forecasts and analyze transportation models.
  8. Estimate the impacts of changes in land use and transportation infrastructure in terms of various performance measures.
  9. Formulate a plan to achieve sustainability goals through transportation system planning

Required Courses
First Year
CRP 501Foundations of Cities and Planning4
CRP 504Sustainable Communities4
CRP 510Planning Theory4
CRP 512Introduction to Visual Communication and GIS4
CRP 513Planning Research and Analysis4
CRP 516Demographic and Analytic Tools4
CRP 525Plan Implementation4
CRP 553Project Planning and Design Studio4
Second Year
CRP 518Policy Development4
CRP 530Planning Agency Management4
CRP 535Land Use and Planning Law4
CRP 552Community and Regional Planning Studio I4
CRP 554Community and Regional Planning Studio II4
Select one of the following options:4-6
Community and Regional Planning Studio III (4)
Professional Project (2, 2, 2)
Thesis (2, 2, 2)
Required Specialization Courses
CRP 435Transportation Theory4
CE 527Sustainable Mobility4
CE 523Transportation Systems Planning4
or CE 421 Traffic Engineering
Advisor Approved Electives
Total units72