Wine Business Concentration

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AGB 212Agricultural Economics4
AGB 260Agribusiness Data Literacy4
AGB 310Agribusiness Credit and Finance4
AGB 323Decision Making with Agribusiness Accounting Information4
RPTA 320Strategic Event Planning4
AGB 369Agricultural Personnel Management4
or BUS 384 Human Resources Management
WVIT 302Wine Fermentation Laboratory2-4
or WVIT 404 Winemaking I
WVIT 344Direct to Consumer Wine Sales4
WVIT 345Wine Marketing Research and Market Analysis4
WVIT 433Wine Sales and E-Commerce4
WVIT 447Logistics for the Global Wine Industry4
WVIT 450Wine Business Plan Development4
WVIT 460Senior Project - Wine Business4
Approved Electives 1
Select from the following:8-10
Intermediate Agribusiness Finance
Agricultural Policy
Rural Property Appraisal
Food Retail Management
Agricultural Market Structure and Strategy
Energy for a Sustainable Society
Drip/Micro Irrigation
Legal Responsibilities of Business
Global Financial Institutions and Markets
International and Cross Cultural Management
Introduction to International Business
International Supply Chains
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
The Legal Environment of International Business
General Chemistry for Agriculture and Life Science II
Organic Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications
Biochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications
Elements of Food Processing
Packaging Function in Food Processing
Food Laws and Regulations
News Reporting and Writing
Introduction to Multimedia Journalism
Public Relations
Contemporary Advertising
Public Relations Writing and Editing
Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops
Introduction to Hospitality and Travel
Sustainable Travel and Tourism Planning
Visitor Services in Experience Industry Management 2
Advanced Experience Industry Management Applications 2
Strategic Event Implementation
Elementary Spanish I 3
Elementary French I
Elementary German Language and Culture I
Elementary Italian I
Elementary Spanish II 3
Elementary French II
Elementary German Language and Culture II
Elementary Italian II
Elementary Spanish III 3
Elementary French III
Elementary German Language and Culture III
Elementary Italian III
Intermediate Spanish I 3
Intermediate French I
Intermediate German I
Intermediate Italian I
Intermediate Spanish II 3
Intermediate French II
Intermediate German II
Soil Health and Plant Nutrition
Wine Microbiology
Advanced Viticulture - Winter
Advanced Viticulture - Spring
Internship Wine and Viticulture (limited to 2 units)
Winery Digital Media Marketing and Data Analytics
Wine Analysis and Amelioration
Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates
Winemaking I
Winemaking II
Winemaking III
Grape Pest Management
Winegrape Vineyard Management
Selected Advanced Topics
Selected Advanced Laboratory
Advanced Wine Sensory Analysis
Total units60