Viticulture Concentration

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BOT/PLSC 323Plant Pathology4
CHEM 128General Chemistry for Agriculture and Life Science II4
CHEM 312Organic Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications5
CHEM 314Biochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications5
PLSC 313Agricultural Entomology4
PLSC 321Weed Biology and Management4
SS 221Soil Health and Plant Nutrition4
WVIT 332/PLSC 336Advanced Viticulture - Winter4
WVIT 333/PLSC 337Advanced Viticulture - Spring4
WVIT 365Wine Analysis and Amelioration4
WVIT 404Winemaking I4
WVIT/PLSC 414Grape Pest Management4
WVIT 428Winegrape Vineyard Management4
Senior Project
Select from the following:4
Senior Project - Enology and Viticulture
Senior Project - Research Experience in Enology or Viticulture (2, 2)
Total units58