Plant Protection Science Concentration

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PLSC 203Organic Enterprise Project2
or PLSC 205 Orchard and Vegetable Enterprise Project
or PLSC 212 Environmental Horticulture Enterprise Project I
or PLSC 312 Environmental Horticulture Enterprise Project II
or PLSC 333 Greenhouse Vegetable Production
PLSC 327Vertebrate Pest Management4
PLSC 406Advanced Weed Management4
PLSC 427Disease and Pest Control Systems for Ornamental Plants4
PLSC 428Advances in Plant Pathology4
PLSC 431Insect Pest Management4
PLSC 441Biological Control for Pest Management4
Approved Electives 1
Select from the following:20
Agricultural Economics
Agribusiness Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting for Nonbusiness Majors
General Chemistry for Agriculture and Life Science III
Biochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications
Elements of Food Safety
Pomology I
Pomology II
Forage Crops
California Vegetable Production
Special Problems for Undergraduates 2
Commercial Seed Production
Precision Farming
Horticultural Production Techniques
Advanced Viticulture - Fall
Advanced Viticulture - Winter
Advanced Viticulture - Spring
Greenhouse Vegetable Enterprise Project
Internship in Horticulture and Crop Science 3
Principles of Greenhouse Environment
Cut Flower Production
Potted Plant Production
Turfgrass Management
Citrus and Avocado Fruit Production
Nut Crops Production
Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates 2
Organic Crop Production Systems
Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops
Cropping Systems
Current Issues in the Strawberry Industry
Basic Viticulture
Total units46