MS Environmental Sciences and Management

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Program Learning Objectives

Graduates of the MS in Environmental Science and Management will be able to:

  1. Apply appropriate research methods for data collection, analyses, and communication of environmental science and management problems.
  2. Analyze a research problem or objective/hypothesis (knowledge gap) and develop a research plan to address the problem or objective/hypothesis.
  3. Execute a research plan (research design, data collection, analyses, and communication) or professional project plan to completion.
  4. Communicate research or professional project outcomes effectively using oral, written and digital media communication appropriate for the discipline.
  5. Synthesize and communicate core knowledge content contained within at least one environmental science sub-discipline.
  6. Apply scientific knowledge to the management of environmental problems.
  7. Demonstrate ethical reasoning and choose an appropriate course of action based on ethical standards in the research discipline and the research process in general, including publication and intellectual property.
  8. Analyze, interpret and explain how environmental, economic, and social systems interact to promote the sustainable management of environmental and natural resources.
Research Skills
ESCI 501Research Planning4
ESCI 502Research Methods and Data Analysis4
ESCI 581Graduate Seminar in Environmental Sciences2
Select one of the following options:11
and Individual Study 1
Environmental Sciences and Management Project
and Individual Study 2
Environmental Sciences
ESCI 550Advanced Environmental Science4
Environmental Management
ESCI 590Advanced Environmental Management4
Approved Electives
Electives 316
Total units45