Military Science Minor

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Required Courses
Select from the following:4
American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare
Colonial and Revolutionary America
Civil War America
Modern America
MSL 301Tactical Leadership I3
MSL 302Tactical Leadership II3
MSL 303Applied Leadership3
MSL 401Developmental Leadership I3
MSL 402Developmental Leadership II3
MSL 403Adaptive Leadership3
Approved Electives
Select from the following:6
Foundation of Officership I
Foundation of Officership II
Basic Leadership
Exercises in Military Leadership
The Army Physical Fitness Program
Foundations of Leadership I
Foundations of Leadership II
Leader's Training Course
Ranger Challenge
Advanced Leadership of Military Exercises
Leadership of the Army Physical Fitness Program
Leadership Development and Assessment Course (ROTC Only)
Administration and Evaluation of Exercises in Military Leadership
Administration and Evaluation of the Army Physical Fitness Program
Facilitation and Teambuilding
Total units28