MS Food Science

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Program Learning Objectives

Graduates of the MS Food Science will:

  1. Demonstrate technical competency in the discipline of food science.
  2. Design, analyze, interpret, and communicate food science research.
  3. Formulate solutions to practical problems in food safety, production, development, sustainability and aspects of consumer health.
  4. Communicate and work effectively and ethically with individuals and groups.
Required Courses
ESCI 501Research Planning4
FSN 505Orientation to Graduate Studies1
FSN 564Chemistry of Food Systems4
FSN 575Advanced Food Safety4
FSN 581Graduate Seminar in Food Science and Nutrition3
FSN 599Thesis9
STAT 513Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models4
Approved Electives
Any 400-500 level courses with the following prefixes: AG, AGB, AGC, AGED, ASCI, BIO, BMED, BRAE, CHEM, DSCI, ENVE, ESCI, FSN, ITP, MCRO, MATE, NR, PLSC, PSY, RPTA, STAT, WVIT16
Total units45